Serving Customers

I recently set up a simple task manager with all my things to do in a recurring daily format so every day is set up on a neat schedule and I can check it off my list as I work through my day. The problem I noticed is that most of my time is being spent on paperwork and entering data, if anything doesn’t get done that day it is work that is not as measurable like serving potential customers or serving customers with info request.

This is not the way I want to spend my days, weeks or life. I have heard numerous people speak on the subject of spending time doing busywork instead of what actually makes money, so I know I am not alone. This is a much easier path and definitely makes one look really busy, but if you know you are doing work that can be easily delegated you are doing yourself and your customer a disservice in a couple of ways.

  • 1. You are not exercising your “hunting” skills, or keeping yourself sharp. The longer this goes on, the clumsier you become.

  • 2. You are allowing the part of you that knows how to make customer and vendor happy to work with you sit idle and become more dull and lifeless every day. Sporadic contact without follow up makes you appear unorganized and not in control.

  • Make Serving Customers your primary job

    Coming in early for the clerical work and spending the biggest part of your time in the serving customers and money making task seems to be the best way to set up your day. After all if I don’t file a stack of papers today, less people will notice and less customers will be lost than if I leave a customer waiting on a follow up while I make sure my filing cabinet is as neat as possible.

    Written by Carlos Schrock

    I am the Buyer and Bulk Sales Rep at our Company, I am also the office manager and inventory control person. I love to analyze data and test my projections. I love to buy and sell.