One of the biggest complaints I hear from homeowners is that their contractor is so slow!

They do great work but take forever!

I have installed gutters on numerous houses that were in the process of being renovated and when we come in and complete the project in a day or two the homeowners are always amazed and comment on their now permanent guest who were hired to create a different atmosphere in the house and are now becoming part of the landscape.

I believe this happens because of 4 reasons,

  1. Lack of planning. I realize that gutter installation is a far cry from being as involved as a remodel but what I have noticed is when I am accustomed to completing an installation within a few hours and I get into a bigger project that takes a few days, the stuff I used to do before and after work are now being done in the middle of a project causing me to either come to work late or leave early, both of which cause the job to take longer than it should. So if I plan to arrange my week differently so I can stay the whole day and run errands after the job is finished it shaves hours off of my time on the project and the homeowners don’t begin to get sick of me coming to work at 10:00am and leaving at 3:00pm.
  2. Boredom. Not everyone in the carpentry and remodel business are living their dream. Because of this a person may become bored with working so they stay up late, sleep in late, dreading going to work, preferring the commute to actually working so they prolong the drive time with frequent stops for materials and/or snacks causing them to get to work hours after they could have been working so they are not able to get as much done as they should.
  3. The perception of long term job security. It is difficult to keep a larger crew busy and sometimes a contractor may prolong the completion of a job in hopes that a new project might present itself before they run out of work. It cost the contractor more out of pocket money but it is better for him than if he ran out of work and his guys sat at home.
  4. Adding variety to your schedule. It can become monotonous working long hours, day in and out on a project that is slow in taking shape. Most people don’t try to make a pain out of themselves but in the effort to add variety to their day they might tackle multiple jobs not realizing that the customers are being inconvenienced and don’t necessarily like not being able to enjoy their home in the anticipated way and having to be mindful of someone in their home at all hours. I believe that things like this happen as a result of not being disciplined in staying on project and may be the result of being burned out on your vocation.
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Just remember that in the interest of serving the customer’s needs, what may make your week or life a little more interesting could be causing your customers to be just a little irritated with you and that is a long term disadvantage for any business. They might prefer if you just finish the job and get the heck out.

Written by Carlos Schrock

I am the Buyer and Bulk Sales Rep at our Company, I am also the office manager and inventory control person. I love to analyze data and test my projections. I love to buy and sell.